Tonight Im making this short and sweet because I am going to lay down and sleep so I can forget all of this mess that I am feeling. I want to cry. I have extreme itching all over my body (with no rash) and aches all over. I have no physical rash but I just itch all over and NOTHING helps it. I just want to rip my skin off. Its making me paranoid and I cant stand it. I want to know why I have been itching for all of these weeks and same with these pains Im getting all over. I get insurance in February, ugh it seems soooo far away, I just want to go to the doctor now. I hate insurance and doctors and giant medical bills, I just want to know.

Please dear Lord, take away this itching and these pains I have. My skin is starting to become raw and Im just plain tired. I just want to cry, please take it away.

…. I crocheted a little kids scarf, finally did it. I helpe krista put up the christmas tree today too. Ill post pictures later I am itching so bad that I cant even type.

6 responses to “Itching

  1. Three weeks of itchiness with no rash…hmmm?

    Have you started a new drug recently?

    The weather’s getting colder…sometimes, cold air can cause itchiness, especially when the skin is dry…

    if your itchiness is causing sleepless nights, try nighttime Benadryl?

    Good luck!

    • No meds, here in fl the weather hasn’t changed yet. My skins not dry. Benadryl hasn’t been working… Idk 😦 . Maybe ill check at work tomorrow with the hospitals employee health nurse…

  2. peggy strait

    Congrats on the scarf you accomplished it! Yeah I can’t wait till you can see a Dr too Hollie,I hate that my girl is feeling this way ,I wish I could make it all better for you ,Do post pictures of the tree when you can,Love you Miss you ,I would try what Michael said Benadryl for night time and if they have some non drowsy for day time take it too,i just wish you could get in a relax mode and you need a big spa bath tub to escape in with a serene setting too bad you don’t have that at home you need that at least once a day I’d say. 🙂 Love ya.

  3. Itchy- me too but I’m welting when I scratch the itchy area’s,hormones are apparently a good cause of itchy skin,have you changed washing powder or a new perfume?One other thing I read was about excess levels of certain vitamins it can cause itchiness.
    If your skin was dry and you where itchy you would probably get some flaking, but yes cold weather and having hot showers do not help if you have dry skin.
    I hope you find the cause ; )

  4. From reading your other post, heart pounding and now this itching, and all the stress you have, do you think you may be having panic or anxiety attacks?
    I saw you bought some relaxation CD’s too (as I have), I find they help but yes there are those days when nothing seems to.
    Keep taking care of yourself 🙂

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