When your ready to hush, Ill enjoy it

I am SOOOOOO sick of putting up with junk. I am just worn out. My body is driving me nuts with this itching and stress and I won’t put up with stupidity. I don’t need to be put down or listen to your stupid retardedness. You always have something to say, always a come back, something negative. You totally changed from what I knew. You have no clue and don’t even care to know. I will not support your habit of being rude to me. Its rediculous, these STUPID egotistical attitudes that you pick up from other people who I do not look up to at all….

Really God, did you want to change things this much to make me feel miserable? It does not feel good emotionally to put up with stupidity every day, I never had to before.

Whatever, I’m just angry cause I’ve sucked it up for long enough and I’m not gonna try anymore to please you anymore. Its sad. It really makes me angry that you changed for the worse. Youre embarrassing, bluntly rude to people, and so distant. Ill live with it but it certainly does not make me happy and I certainly will be miserable, you probably enjoy it anyway. Just give me a break, my life isnt exactly stress free.


2 responses to “When your ready to hush, Ill enjoy it

  1. Yes. That’s all I can say about this is “YES”. Hang in there. Don’t forget to breathe. Just allow yourself to breathe.

  2. I second that ‘hang in there’. You are a strong woman.

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