Count down in 2, 1, 0….

I would be a fool to say I’m not nervous about singing on Sunday. It’s weird. I have no fear of acting on stage but I just have the hardest time taking my mind somewhere else when I sing.I’m shaking, have an upset stomach and my nerves are shot but in order to do well, you have to tell yourself that you are good. Here it goes. I better do it now cause I only have one full day left before its D-day.

I can do this. I’m a good singer. I have the range to successfully do this song without being nervous. My voice won’t crack. My nerves wont make me a wreck. I will not shake. I will have complete control of my breathing. I will not be uncomfortable. I will not focus on all the people in the audience. I will worship to God. Everyone wants me to do well. There is no competition. I will be fine and have enough support. There is nothing to be scared of. I’m doing what I enjoy doing best. Singing. I will not be afraid and I will use the right dynamics. Im going to close my eyes, stand tall and let go of my voice and let it do what it does best. The crowd wont stare or care whether or not I do well.

There is NOTHING to be nervous about. This is just an expression of a hobby of mine. Everyone knows the song already and they are probably going to sing along anyways…..

(ok, I said it, NOW I need to BELIEVE it… FAST lol)

Heres some stuff I found on this website.

You have to change your mindset

Your mindset has to do with getting rid of anxious thoughts about your life, about what people will think, about how you will sound and simply listen to the music inside of you.

What you believe about yourself will cause you to panic or pull it together and that all starts way before you get up to sing.  It starts with a silent place inside of you, that place that makes you want to sing.  Remember that singing is natural.  The thing that happens that is unnatural is how we let everyone else’s opinion mess us up inside.

Think about what it was like to sing when you were a child, before anyone ever said anything unkind to you about your singing.  Did you care what anyone thought?  No, of course not.  You only cared after someone messed with your head.  So now you have to undo that junk and get the right kind of singing mindset inside of you.

So, when you sing, don’t think about what everyone else is thinking.  Think about your singing breath, think about relaxing your shoulders, focus on a “tunnel” in front of you to send your breath through, focus on how singing makes you feel good, how much you enjoy singing, how you LOVE singing.

Forget about everything else and just focus on singing!

I really need to practice believing in myself and just focusing on the fact that I like to sing, I should not let others people’s opinions scare me out of it. Why should they get to steal that joy from me?


3 responses to “Count down in 2, 1, 0….

  1. Wow! This is the most open and honest Blog (not just this posting, but all of them) that I have ever read. Happened upon your Blog through WordPress tag surfer. Anyway, kudos to you for being so open – although sometimes reading your blogs feels like listening in other people’s private phone calls, I like that. Great work!

  2. Very well said Hollie .I am sorry I am not going to be there for support /l. Like. You. Said. You stay. Positive. I know. You will. Do. A good job. Love u.

  3. Hi Hollie,

    I’m honored that you have utilized my articles about the singing mindset and posted links to them on your page here. Thank for being kind enough to link them. Some people just take my work and use it as their own but you are an honest person and deserve to be given kudos for it. So consider this my official smiling kudo to you!

    I’m reading about your loss and what you are doing and I’m thinking about how hard this has been for you. And yet, you have chosen to do something positive because of your faith and your good heart. I think that deserves another smiling kudo. Consider it done!

    I’m also thinking about my book that I just wrote about singing and life. It has 100 wise and whimsical sayings in it and one of them just came to mind as I was writing because I think you might appreciate it:

    “A strong wind makes kites soar. Adversity teaches you to sing above the kites.”

    I hope that will give you fresh courage today.
    Joy Sikorski, author, composer, voice teacher, mom and friend
    Singing Mastermind
    Singing Through Life
    Sing BabySing

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