Thank God, A Cheerful Post

I think I finally let go of the anger I’ve been harboring the last couple of months… finally. It does not mean that it’s easy to hear about pregnancies or babies but I have less harsh of thoughts. Christmas evening was very therapeutic.

Thanks to another stillbirth mom blogger, I took her idea of letting off wishing lanterns on the beach. Before we went to the beach, we stopped at the park near home to take some pictures because Steven and I have NEVER taken ANY pictures since our wedding day (almost a year and 9 months ago). It was SO much fun and Im so thankful. My wonderful friend Kayla got a new camera for christmas and snapped these beautiful pictures.

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This was just wonderful. It was emotionally uplifting and just gave me a moment to smile which I havnt felt a true one in a while. Steven was in a bad mood at first but when he got to lighting the wishing lanterns he finally came around. Im just ready. Im ready for the new year. Im ready to move on. Im ready to get a house (we are on the search for our permanent home (YAY)). Im ready to start a family.

Two young women came up to us while we were lighting our lanterns and asked me what my wish was, I replied in a desperate and crazy blurting out “BABIES, I want babies!” lol, Now that I look back at that, its funny that I sounded so crazy, but thats what my mind is thinking. A group of Canadians that were down visiting the beach stopped and asked if they could pay us for one wishing lantern. The womans daughter was pregnant and they wanted to wish a healthy baby.My husband said, “you know what its Christmas… here, take one”…. It was God. In that quiet night with crashing waves, God reminded me that babies are still being made, life is still going on, and other people are still existing with beautiful children. And thats ok. I pray God gives us another, but if He dosnt, I pray he keeps me away from the bitterness that is so easy to harbor. It was nice to share this memorial experience with you all.

All for baby Seth.



6 responses to “Thank God, A Cheerful Post

  1. Hollie it was such a moving experience to spend yesterday evening with you and Steven ,I am glad that you took some Great pictures of each other they all turned out good ,it would be a good set for a the perfect picture frame .I could tell that there was healing taking place in all the activities it was fun and I wish you and Steven for the Best of Luck in house pursuing and Family decisions for the New Year and Years to come,I love you Both .

  2. I’m so happy your moving on, we never forget but everything gets a little easier to cope with once time moves along. Your pictures with Stephen are beautiful!

  3. Wow Hollie, that post made me cry – so good to hear you uplifted and looking forward to the future. Beautiful pictures 🙂

  4. Casey Langford

    I love yall so much… This was BEAUTIFUL!! I think of you often Hollie and can truly say that I know your pain of bitterness and anger. It creeps up unexpectedly to this day. You are a wonderful women of God who was chosen for a task that only you could conquer. You are doing it honey and glorifying Him through it all. My prayer for us is to have the same mindset as Paul did in 1Tim.1:12.

  5. Meshitravels

    I love your photo’s Thankyou for sharing I had a few tears to wipe away too.
    I hope the new year brings with it new strength and a bright out look for what we will face in the future.

  6. "M" is for Marriage and Motherhood... And for Me

    I feel happy for you! God bless you

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