Good day

Today has been a good day so far. I go to work late today so I decided fo finish my crocheted hat that I started here it is!

YAY ITS SO EXCITING lol. I love it when I finish something, it totally makes my day!

So behind the scenes of my whiney blog I have also made some other things

UGH its freaking fun lol. Im like a child in a candy store. I have a giant yarn collection now. Im going to work on a beard to put with the hat, its called a beard hat (hilarious).


I am also working on a colorful scarf for someone and some dish scrubbers for someone else. ❤

Meanwhile amidst school, work,blogging, and crocheting… Were on the hunt for a house. YES FINALLY lol. We are scheduled to see like 4 or five houses on Satruday and Im PRAYING that ONE of them is our house… Im tired of looking. We looked about a year ago and must have put over 20 offers in and never got anything. I just dont want to look anymore. Im ready to finish settling down.

Anyways, I have to run to Joann fabrics to get some tulle for the dish scrubbers before work. Totally have to do my homework the next two days before I can do any more crocheting… cant get behind (I finally got on the dean’s list for a 4.0 GPA, first time ever!)

3 responses to “Good day

  1. peggy strait

    Hollie I love the hat but i think with out the Beard would be better for me lol,and you wear it well it looks so cute on ya ,good job Proud of you .Love you.

  2. wow you are the crocheting queen! I have been collecting crochet patterns on pinterest but have yet to try my hand at it.
    Congrats on the Dean’s list too!

  3. Very intreresting blog. It was very relavant. I was searching exaxtly for this. Thank you for your effort. I hope you will write more such useful posts.

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