Rant of the day

I am just really angry and really stressed. Today was CHAOS and really busy and I had about 2 minutes to shove a sandwich down my throat at work and run to the ER since I was getting paged while I was eating and no one could help… I have a giant migraine, I havnt been sleeping. This house thing is SOOOO stressful. Now we found a house we like and the STUPID lender is not answering ANY of our calls UGHHHH, I JUST WANT THE STUPID HOUSE AND EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG!!! I have A TON of homework to do and A TON of crocheting to do for someone and my body hurts I dont feel like doing it. My husband is annoying me.There is not enough time in the day. Im angry and just want to be left alone, except for our broker I want them to STINKING CALL US BACK LIKE YESTERDAY!…

thats my rant for the day


One response to “Rant of the day

  1. You have a lot on your plate at the moment,too much stress.
    Take a step back if you can on some of these things you have to do.Be kind to yourself.

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