I promise

So Maybe Im just being paranoid but I am starting to really worry about my health lately. To be on the safe side I really am going to make a doctors appt Monday. My head has been throbbing for weeks and no medicine is helping. It hurts to turn my head, talk, or do anything. I get some dizzy spells. My neck feels swollen I have pain down my jaw and neck and the headache is all over and never stops. It just feels like loads of pressure. Im still having swollen joints…pains in my joints (hips, knees, elbows, hands)…. I hope Im ok. Its scary and I think thats why I havnt made an appt yet. But Monday morning. I promise myself. I have to take care of myself.



3 responses to “I promise

  1. Yeah ask about if your glands swelling, mom used to complain about that years ago.

  2. make sure you do take car of yourself because it sounds like you are not feeling good at the moment. And make sure you stay in that doctors office until you get some answers 🙂

  3. Meshitravels

    Please do see a Dr

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