My future or yours

Tired and in a bad mood. Things not going the way I planned. Steven wants nothing to do with the things of my future and I dont want anything to do with his. His future consists of restoring his truck for the rest of his life- I would rather rip my eye balls out of the socket then watch our bank account be sucked up, hear about, or even see the restoration. I dont care. I want a house and babies, UGH… its ridiculousness. NOTHING will EVER be normal. I dont see normal or happy anytime soon because all he talks about is that STUPID truck. One day when Im sitting on my deathbed, that truck is gonna mean nothing to him (or I hope). Its gonna be old and rusty and burnt up and worth nothing. SO GET OVER IT!


3 responses to “My future or yours

  1. My X was crazy about his car,as he dwindled away his money (he earned twice my amount) he then asked me to lend him 10,000 dollars for the car to be totally restored.
    This was to be our house money,anyway 12 years on he still has the car but not me.

  2. Do you think it might be avoidance tactics? Avoiding thinking or feeling about what really matters because he is hurting too?
    I don’t know, just a thought.
    I hope things work out Hollie, because you both deserve happiness.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that; it’s always difficult when people aren’t on the same page. I wondered what Lyndell suggested too, if an obsession with the truck is an avoidance tactic.
    I hope things get better for you.

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