Today on the water

Today was my favorite, most exciting, most scariest day of vacation! It was the best I suppose. Steven and I went to a park and set off for our maiden voyage in our new kayaks! It was beautiful, The water was vast, the nature was gorgeous! It was relaxing but soo much fun. I caught a 9 in. bass and 5 in. blue gill! THEN….; *BUM BUM BUM* [dark music]…. We looked around and saw that we were in an alligator nest. Seriously, I picked up my pole and Steven saw an 6ft. alligator swimming across the way. I of course, freaked out and tried to calmly paddle close to him so I wouldnt roll over. I got somewhat close and we spotted another alligator, this time an 8 footer on the bank to where the swimming alligator was headed. Steven hollered for me to get close so I started paddling faster towards him and as I was paddling I saw another one swimming in front of his kayak! I yelled for Steven to look and at that time we both saw the big 8 foot alligator slip into the water and head toward us. PANIC PANIC PANIC. My heart was racing and I was screaming on the inside. Steven Yelled “get over here in the weeds, get to the bank, the bank”. AHHHH… I paddled so hard you would think the alligator was thrashing around me. I was barely to the bank and I JUMPED out of my kayak and ran up the bank. Im sure Steven did the same but did so a little more gracefully. Lets just say I ended our kayking day with that. I was not getting back in that water! So we got like 3 hours of kayaking in and it was soooo nice BESIDES the alligators. We went fishing off another side of the lake from the bank. Steven caught a big gar but that was it.

I am sooo sunburnt but being outside and on the water was beautiful today.

I wish I had a camera, I just took this with my phone so you cant see them but here are where the alligators are in the picture.

We went to Red Lobster and ate WAYYYY to much. buscuites, 2 appetizers (stuffed mushrooms and lobster pizza), salad, and dinner (2 skewers of grille garlic shrimp, mashed potatoes, and pilaf rice).  and guess what, we had NO left overs, we must have worked up our appetites after kayaking with those gators (seriously I think I peed my pants a little when I saw them. )

Anyways, I start school and work tomorrow 😦 but on life goes. i cant wait to kayak again but I dont want to run in to gators Im so terrified :/

anyways… good day 🙂

One response to “Today on the water

  1. Excellent! sounds like an awesome day 🙂 Hope the year is full of more of them (and less alligators!)

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