Word is in

Wow so much is going on but I thought I would get you an update on everything.

I went back to the Doctor. He said the ultrasound definitely showed hyperplasia no doubt but when he looked at the MRA that I had a week after the ultrasound it was gone! YAY for miracles! It’s times like these where I see real miracles happen that I feel guilty for not believeing and not praying hard enough during my pregnancy and at the end of my pregnancy. I feel guilty for not believing that Seth could have been alive in that final ultrasound that confirmed everything…. (back on track now)… So, I have a birth defect lol. Instead of having a a renal artery that goes to both kidneys, I have 3, 2 to my right and 1 to my left. But its not a bad thing, just a funny thing. My liver is not functioning up to par but the doctor said its not bad enough to worry about as long as I stay away from any alcohol and tylenol. He said I just have regular hypertension and it must be from anxiety so I must have cardio exercise for an hour a day and see a doctor regularly for my medicine. Woot, Im all cleared from specialist visits and he said when Im ready to have a baby my body is ready. He said that my hypertension could have been a factor to Seth’s stillbirth but we will never know. Before we have a planned pregnancy Im going to see an OB to see if I should be on any asprin or blood thinners or whatever.

My ear is KILLING me… I have an ear infection and I havnt been able to hear out of my ear for almost two weeks now but I cant even hear my alarm go off in the morning so Im nervous about waking up for work because…. Steven is going back to work.

That’s right. Season is back in full swing. Spring and Summer is THEIR time. Its that time of year when the men leave at 2 AM Sunday morning and come back late Friday night and work all weekend on getting ready for the next week… Its hard cause last year I was pregnant all summer and super emotional. I have anxiety thinking about it and Im sad because it reminds me of being pregnant last year. Ugh… He’s gonna be gone all the time working :'(. He works on right of ways spraying herbicide, planting, pressure washing, laying sod… you name it, they do it. He works all over the state so they stay in hotels for weeks at a time.I hate being alone its boring and sad…. we have so much to get down before we can move and :(, we are just gonna have to wait till Im done with school to have another baby, that may be September of 2014 – >:O  UGHHHH…

Im tired… I have a billion hats that I need to crochet.

I’m almost done with this stupid American Literature class and then I’m on to physics. Not only am I nervous about doing a whole physics class in a month but Im worried cause it will be my first “in-class” class .

Ugh, Im itching again tonight…

good night.


3 responses to “Word is in

  1. all in all it sounds like things are on track though – that’s great! So good to hear you have results and some answers 🙂

  2. I like the line “Im tired… I have a billion hats that I need to crochet.” it was stuck in the most random spot lol.
    Anywho, I love you always sister. and I know you are going to so fantastic with your next class :]

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