Everything You’ve Heard

Things have been ok lately. Im just stressed as always. the usual. School, money, dumb arguments .. dumb things.

Im just so nervous all the time.

I have to sing this Sunday again, I am nervous of course but I have to tell myself I will do fine. It will be hard, Sunday is the 25th. 6 months since I last saw Seth. It was on a Sunday like this coming one, that I was becoming the other kind of mom. I hope I dont cry through the song and I hope I do it justice. The words are probably what I need to hear.

I went and saw Seth yesterday. I laid down on the ground and turned my phone up the loudest it could go and played him the song Im going to sing this week. When I was pregnant with him I would put my phone on my belly and play hymns and he loved it, he would kick and roll, it was my favorite memory.

please listen to this.

Its another hard week. My eyes are dark and heavy and I’m tired.

The weekend is almost here.


One response to “Everything You’ve Heard

  1. I can’t even begin to fathom your pain Hollie… I sit here trying to imagine ‘what if that were me at my babies’ grave…’ and I just lose it. I know you hurt Hollie and you feel weak from the stress and heartache, but you don’t realize how strong you are… at least to me. You have such a beautiful heart and that encourages me more than you know. People watch, I watch. Even in your weakness you are strong because of Him. You’re a true testimony of that. You’re going to do great on Sunday, just like you ALWAYS do :)! If I could I’d give you the biggest hug of life right now! God bless you beautiful girl! ❤

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