By myself

A wife who loses her husband is a widow, a husband who loses his wife is a widower, a child who loses their parent is an orphan, a woman who loses her child has no name.

I think the hardest part of losing a child is feeling lonely. Feeling like you have nothing to hold on to when everything else failed. A husband can leave you, a friend can walk away, but your child will be your child forever. Although Seth is still my son forever, he’s not here to talk to and coo at and dress everyday. It is lonely. I shouldnt have but I was looking at my baby shower pictures. I so badly want to use all of that cute stuff.

Its scary to think that things are different and will be different. Places are different, home is different.

I have to get back on track.

by myself.

One response to “By myself

  1. Much strength to you Hollie xoxo

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