Yesterday was my last week day off before school starts so I wanted to spend it doing the things I absolutely love to do – crocheting. ok… I did talk myself into cleaning the house a little bit before I started. I went to buy some yarn for a purse that Im  making and while I was at AC MOORE’s I found this windchime.

I took it to Seths grave with my yarn and a blanket to find that everything that was around the headstone was broken into pieces and laying all over the grave. I had two solar lights, a butterfly on a stick and a snow globe that my mom put out there  and it was all smashed up. I know what it was, they have this giant mower and the funeral home just mows right over everything cause they dont care. Technically your not supposed to have anything out on the grave unless its flowers in the vase but I dont care, thats probably why they didnt care either. So I hung this windchime in the middle of the tree next to his grave.

I hope it stays. I sat there for a couple of hours and crocheted. I didnt cry but im just really down. I heard an owl wake up in the tree above me and hoot for about 10 seconds before I never heard it again, there were a few mocking birds, it was nice and peaceful.

I want to finish school but I want to have a baby. It wouldnt be so bad if everyone else wasnt posting there pictures of their babies all over but I know I would be doing the same thing so I cant be upset. Im just ready, I really want a baby…. its not my time though I guess.

Its been 7 months today and even though we were and are not planning for another one, I somehow thought that by now I would have been pregnant again.

On another note, Im proud of my baby sister, she’s graduating high school in a couple of weeks. Her pictures came in and shes beautiful :). ok, now Im crying lol, I love her, shes my best friend.

anyways, shes beautiful! Just thought Id share :).




3 responses to “Change

  1. Hollie I love you so much! Thanks for always being there for me when I need you, I’m so glad I have an older sister like you and that you will finally play with me ;] lol

  2. I say we kick this lawnmowers butt because that’s just rude lol! I would have the decency to move it, mow, and then put back despite their policy. ^^ You and Courtney are cute BTW, yay for sisterly love! lol

  3. Sounds like a lovely day :), though a shame everything was smashed
    Great pics too 🙂

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