I have been avoiding my blog because Ive been eating, breathing, and living physics. I cant wait till its over, thank God it is only one month long. The only downside to it being a month long is that we go through a chapter a day. My teacher just gives definitions to us for 4 hours and then says here you go, do 50 homework problems?????? he dosnt go over any problems or how to do them (he says he dosnt have time). Im terrified, Ive cried lol. I HAVE to pass this so I have been keeping my head in that text book trying to figure out what Im doing.

Speaking of, just thought Id give you an update, Im going to go prepare myself for today and then study some more 😦 ugh, Im so drained from it already lol, I just WISH I had a better teacher.


2 responses to “Physics

  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! lol

  2. oh wow I don’t envy you, I had a biochemistry class/teacher like that. But your a smart chicky – you can do it!!

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