5 weeks 3 days…

count it today that I start full fledged morning sickness. This time its earlier than the last pregnancy. I am so greatful for it because then I know that things are ok. It does make me feel disgusting though. I just got out of the shower and felt sick like BAM so I tried to eat a hard boiled egg (i notice eating protein in the morning makes me feel better), I couldnt stomach it :(. So Im eating mac and cheese 😦 but its not doing so hot either. I really want to take care of rainbow but this stage is coming on full fledge. I have my midterm this morning and I have to be there for all 4 hours of class so wish me luck… I just feel it, that wont be the last time my food comes up today.

Stay safe rainbow.


One response to “5 weeks 3 days…

  1. sympathy for you, I didn’t have morning sickness with Charlotte, but had it bad this time. I took Magnesium and it helped with the queasiness and muscle cramps (plus its a good mineral for growing bub). And I also swear by vitamin B.
    It is funny that ‘oh I feel like crap :(‘ ‘Im so glad I feel like crap :)’ moments

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