The reason behind school… and other rantings

Some of you know and some of you dont, After being a semester away from the Nursing program, I decided to switch my major to ultrasound. I did not do it for the reason I tell everyone in person. I am not doing it because it “sounds cool and fun”. I am doing this because my son changed my life.

My motivation is different from yours and although I may not make the best grade in the class I WILL pass this class and WILL conquer it because I need to  be a Sonographer.

A mother’s instinct knows. When I went in for my ultrasound to find out why Seth wasnt moving, I cried all the way to the birthing center because I knew. When Samantha did my ultrasound in the office, she handled it all very well. She did not act like a robot, she cried with me, she walked away, came back, offered tissues, shook with fear, she felt everything I felt. I went to the hospital to have another ultrasound to confirm everything and the technologist was very nice, she looked at me, with eyes that said  sorry and she didnt say anything, it was the best thing she could have ever done. I need to be that person that does the right thing. There are so many people out there that expect to see pretty moving babies and forget that this is a diagnostic test, its done to make sure that nothing is wrong.

I am glad to have the experience of working in the health field. I have found that it is ok to sympathize with the patient. I can hold their hand and talk to them, its ok.

It is WAY more common than I thought. Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Birth defects. I have met more women than I want to that have gone through these situations since Seth was born.

He is my motivation. Without him, we would not have this baby that is coming. Without Seth I would not have the motivation that I have.


On the side. Im beyond livid. My doctor told me that he would see me extra and give me extra ultrasounds so I was scheduled for a 4 week ultrasound. When I got their the doctor said no its best to do it at 6 weeks. Now they called today and said that they wont be able to see me till 9 weeks to do it because they are all booked????? what do you mean your booked??? I made my appt 2 weeks early and you call me the day before to tell me that you cant do it again after I made an appt wayyyy ahead of time???? GEEEZZZ UGHH, i want to scream. Less treatment for more high risk. I had my first ultrasound with Seth earlier than I will have my first ultrasound for this baby and this one is high risk, What The Crap!!!!!

anyways, I have a ton of work to do this week to finish this class so wish me luck. ❤

P.s.- Im missing Steven already,we thought work was picking up a few months ago and it didnt but now they have new contracts and have rented a house a few hours away from home so they dont have to rent hotels for all those months of work. Sunday afternoon Steven will start leaving for a week at a time for the next year, like last year. Its hard, Ill miss him and be emotional but  Im thankful for the work he has.


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