There go my boys….

And they’re off…. another looong week. Man, I didnt think it would be hard but now Im starting to think, I wont see my husband for another 6 nights. Im so thankful that they have work but so sad that I am emotionally hormonal and will have to deal with these goodbyes for a whole year. I must say, this week- it will be good for me because I need to study because I have 2 quizzez, a final, a paper, and 2 homework assignments all to get done between Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday before I say goodbye to this crazy class! So maybe this week wont be so bad if I dont procrastinate and finish out strong.

I just pray that the boys are safe and they come home soon. I miss them already and they probably left about ten minutes ago.

ok, enough procrastinating, I need to write my paper.


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