Swollen knee?

Im trying not to be paranoid but I am sort of freaking out. Today was a very busy day. I went to the beach with my sister and friend. we came home and painted some more boxes for the hospital, played the xbox kinect, and then I wiped down and vacuumed out my car. When I got in the shower tonight I was washing down my legs and noticed that behind my left knee in the crease there is a round swollen spot the size of a small orange. It does not hurt but its scaring me. I dont want it to be a blood clot or something scary/scarier.

I dont want to go to the doctor and them tell me that Im crazy. I guess Ill see what it looks like tomorrow. I have a financial aid appt before work tomorrow in the morning so Im praying that in the morning ALL swelling is gone so I dont have to go to the doc. Im just so scared and emotional and really upset that my husband is not here to talk to  me about all this so he can hold me and ease my fears. Hes so good at that and Im having such a hard time not seeing him (because of his work schedule). I absolutely hate this.

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