So today Steven, I and baby in my tummy are going to see the aquarium, its 2 hours away but I found tickets on living for half price and Im so excited, I LOVE aquariums. I would have gotten married in one if I would have gotten out more by the age of 18 but I never knew that they existed at 18  when I got married lol (I lied, I had been to one up north but never knew any were around here, who’d a thunk there was one in a peninsula state surrounded by water lol) anyways, 🙂 I think it will be fun.

I am feeling kind of queasy today.  I dont know if its my nerves but Im itching and my joints hurt… yet again… so I guess when I go see my OB on the 19th Ill ask if there are any blood tests they can do to see if anything is going on. I doubt its my nerves if this has been going on for a year now. Ive had panic attacks before and nothing like this accommodated them so who knows. I turned 9 weeks yesterday in a minimum of 7 more weeks they can tell me what we are having when I go to the high risk doctor.

I havnt been sleeping well, I know its the pregnancy, I remember from last time. Its just hard. All I want is to go to sleep and sleep a whole night through before my adorable baby comes and that occurs no more :). I probably wake up every 30 minutes from the time I go to bed till I wake up (and pee 3 times a night), that is NO sound sleep at all.

I finally got the ambition to start crocheting again. Since class ended I have wanted to but I just needed the down time so now Im trying to do some more again. I cant wait to finish this project. its a purse with 2 pockets in the front and a long strap made with grey tweed yarn. fun.

Went to dinner at a friends house last night. that was fun. Her wedding is next Sunday (yes that is father’s day). Cant wait to go, I havnt been excited to go to a wedding in a long time … Not that Im forgetting Seth (AT ALL) but life is starting to move forward more and Things are becoming slightly easier (on certain days at least).

Speaking of father’s day. My daddy died when I was just about to turn 5 in a car accident. I remember him dearly. I remember him at the sweet prime age he was, his warm hugs, his big old body that I would lay on top of for nap time, and his gentle voice. I dont ever remember hearing him raise his voice. For such a big guy he was handsome and quiet. He was my dad. I remember his funeral. I remember him all the way. I will miss him this father’s day like any other fathers day. He’s in my heart.


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