Children and life

I find myself watching TLC a lot of mornings, there are some sad and interesting shows about children with disabilities.

Although no one wishes that for their child and I pray that God gives me a very healthy baby, there is no way I could not love a child who had a disability. I tried to tell a friend once before they had a baby, the love for your child is so overwhelming. Its something that you have never felt before. You will never feel this much love for anyone else. It changes your life.

A child is a gift and no matter what they look like or how they are born, they are your pride and joy, special, beautiful.

I told Steven last night. I have anxiety about this pregnancy of course. I have a hard time moving already (which means housework dosnt always get done, which means some people arent happy since this isnt all our house), I get lightheaded, Im nervous about our very tight living quarters. I itch all of the time. I am just nervous. Although I wish I had some more days off work, I could not live without work keeping my mind busy right now.

Thankfully Steven has been helping me with cleaning a lot and making food at night. He has been nesting lol. Im so happy that he is subtly telling me that he is happy about the baby. He rubs my belly at night when I come home from work, he cleans the house when I dont say anything.  Im thankful.

I hope work goes by fast tonight. I have to work in the ER. My hips hurt so bad and its painful to walk..

Stay safe rainbow.

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