Chaos ensues …why?

Seriously God, Why me? Im so angry. I had a doctors appointment today and because of the stupid storm the office has no power. I was so looking forward to this appointment because I am MISERABLE. My other ear is now beginning to ache and if I put ear drops in that ear I will lose all hearing which means I cant work for the rest of the week (bye bye baby’s PTO time). My ear that has the bad infection is not even 1% better. I stayed up all night crying, there is so much pressure in my neck, throat, ear, cheek, and forhead, I feel like my face is going to explode.

My husband is sick of me being sick and he’s not being so nice anymore. I honestly want to go to the hospital and stay there to make sure baby is ok. Ive lost 4 pounds in 3 days because my jaw is locked up and I cant eat. But people in the ER will look at me like im crazy cause im there with an ear infection, unfortunately I know how it is cause I work there.

Why is this week turning into a giant pit hole? I am so desperate to feel better. I would stand on my head if it made me better.


2 responses to “Chaos ensues …why?

  1. You know I would go into ER and pretend I have no idea what is wrong let them work it out.
    It sounds too nasty do you have a dental abcess?

    • Its all in my ear, this happened last time I had an infection, it made my jaw lock up, but it was no where near this extent. Last time when I ate, it would loosen up enough for me to get a meal down, this time its not. I think I am going to go to the hospital tomorrow if it is not better. Im worried about not eating.

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