July 2,2012

Tomorrow is my appointment with the specialist. I am nervous but excited. I havnt seen this doctor since …well since the beginning of the year when he did all of my kidney tests and high blood pressure stuff. I remember at me last appointment he said, “ok, its time, you have the go ahead from me. Now when would you like to start trying, 1 month?3 months? 6 months?…” I laughed and said- um, I think were going to wait like 3 years, my husband does not want to really try yet…… He looked very baffled. He was a great man though.

im sure I will but Im praying I get an ultrasound at this appointment, its been a few weeks and Im just anxious to see how the little one is growing.  Ill be 12 weeks and 5 days and I know its early but the specialist does 4D’s to check on all of the baby’s features so Im hoping  (with a tiny bit of hope lol) that they can tell me what the baby is. Ugh that would be so exciting!, if not, I will probably have to wait another 4-ish weeks which is totally fine, its not that far away….. Whoa, in a little over a month I will be half way through this pregnancy!??? crazy!

ugh Im ready, lets get to the meaty part of this pregnancy, get down to business, and have a beautiful baby, UGHH I cant wait, Im so impatient lol.

When you say January you think next year and then it seems forever away.

I cant wait for tonight to be over. I have two days off the 3rd and 4th!

Stay safe rainbow


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