A lot of TMI today

Even though I dont want to complain one bit about pregnancy because I DO want EVERY second of this… I need a place to spill my emotions and this is it so ignore it or read it. I feel like crying sometimes because-

I feel like…. poop. lol. Oh my word. No matter how little or how much sleep I get I feel like I am going to fall over at any second. Im sitting on the couch, trying to get motivated to clean again before Steven comes home, but my eyes are on fire. They burn and Im tired. I feel like I have zero energy, not even enough to breathe. 15.5 weeks = nothing is different

Here is the worst part of the last few days. I have lost ALL control of my bladder. It is so embarrassing. No matter how many thousands of kegels I do, I pee myself multiple times daily. Im sick of it. Im sick of changing, of peeing, of not being able to control my stinking bladder. Is something wrong? This did not happen last time and Seth was right on my bladder for the WHOLE pregnancy the doctors said. I know after I had the baby I had some problems with jumping and sneezing, but those were tinkles, this is…. disastrous. Ill be 21 in a little over a month for goodness sakes, is this really how its gonna be forever???? Am I always going to be the young girl turned granny, wearing diapers out to my date nights at 21?  Im to the point where Im angry because Im scared to go in public and pee myself. I guess I will talk to the doctor about it but what is he gonna do about it…  And the great thing is too it seems like I only have to cough and sneeze when Im pregnant, I do it at least 5 times a day, I dont remember EVER sneezing before being pregnant.

I really need to get up and all I want to do is sleep… I slept 10 hours last night and I feel like I never went to bed.

Cant. Wait. Till. Baby. Is. Here!

6 responses to “A lot of TMI today

  1. You poor thing! Hang in there! I’m 19 weeks and I pee everytime I sneeze, cough, laugh or jump. I scream out like the hulk every time it happens too so I’m probably just making it worse for myself by calling attention to the fact that I have little to no control of my bodily functions.

  2. Honey a lot of pregnant women have the bladder issue so don’t feel too bad. I know you don’t want to think about this but depends are your friend. They even make a new slimming kind so that no one can tell just by looking at you. I know that sucks and is humiliating, but it is only temporary. Hang in there ❤

  3. I was having the same thing Hollie, then I got really bad back and hip pain, to the point I was just whimpering in my sleep and becoming over tired because I wasn’t sleeping solidly. I went to a physio last week who specialises in preggo women and it is getting better. She said that I have left this untreated since about 16 weeks. Apparently all the relaxin your body releases is letting your pelvis get ready for a baby, but this can cause your muscles to stretch out of shape. It is something that can get worse for each pregnancy and come one earlier. So maybe visit a physio?

    And forget the house work! it will still be there and Im sure Steven wants happy you than clean house 🙂

    • I am seeing a specialist but my doctors became stupid and are only seeing me once a month so I dont see them till aug 7th when i go for my anatomy scan. psht, if I didnt do the laundry or anything else we would be living in filth unfortunately. It used to never be this way till he switched jobs and for some reason he just expects me to do everything, its aggravating. I would not have any work clothes if I didnt do laundry because if laundry gets that bad, he only does his own lol, spoiled brat.

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