3 responses to “Night terrors

  1. I had those too. I would be exhausted the next day because I felt I had been up all night saving babies from some evil thing. It’s just your brain trying to work things out (in a very weird way), hopefully it will let you just sleep soon.

  2. I HATE PREGNANCY DREAMS!!!! HATE them!! They absolutely feel so real…I always have them if there is some sort of noise around me while I sleep and incorporate that noise into the dream. I REALLY hate that bc when I wake up I know that the noise is real and really have to have a talk with myself to not freak out about the whole dream being real!! Sorry to hear about your previous loss, and congratulations on your new little miracle. We are about 8 weeks now w our second. If you like to hop to other blogs i’m at http://www.birminghambell.com

    • They are crazy real… I actually tried sleeping with pandora on last night and it shuts off after like an hour- it worked pretty good. I had freakish dreams but I dont remember them this morning and as far as I know no one died in the dreams (lol… I always remember those kinds of dreams :p). So maybe the opposite works for me? Thanks for commenting and Ill follow your blog… this blog has turned into- I love babies and baby blogs lol. ❤ good luck, excited for the new addition to your house!

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