I can tell how fearful I am of this pregnancy going wrong because I dream about it every night. In the last week I have had 3 dreams that something went wrong. I am jealous when I hear that someone is pregnant. I know that sounds ridiculous because I am finally pregnant but I am jealous that they dont have to worry. They dont have to go full term wondering if something is going to happen at the last minute. They can just expect to bring home a healthy baby. I cant wait till January!!! I just want to have this baby (when its time) of course.

whoa I will have a baby of my own- 24/7 I will have to feed them and raise them and they will be all mine :D.  I just need to focus on my pregnancy. I find out Monday what the baby is and I cant wait im getting so impatient cause its so close whooo hoooo…

On another note… Im watching this show called I”Im having their baby”… it i s very interesting, its about adoption… very amazing show and definitely can make a pregnant woman cry lol. Another weird thing… I used to think that every baby looks the same , like a baby, but I saw this one episode where they got a quick shot of one of the baby boys sleeping and he looked just like Seth, it was amazing… It left me speechless, theres nothing to really say about it…

Ok, I need to go eat, Im starving.

Stay safe rainbow…

2 responses to “Impatient

  1. Just wanted to say hi and I get it… Feeling just the same. I’m 6 weeks 2 days today and am feeling, well, yikes. Just want to feel normal about this pregnancy, but after losing Ruby at 38 weeks feel like I’m a ticking time bomb. Just want to make it to my first appointment, an ultrasound at 9w3d. Come on rainbows!

    • aw, good luck, everything will be just fine! I have finally made it to 17 weeks in a couple of days and the time is really dragging now cause like you said Im just waiting for the next ultrasound after every doctors visit. Keep up with me and let me know how your doing! Things will go great ❤

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