Feeling a little more confident

Yesterday I had a wonderful day. I decided that I will not let anyone bother me anymore. I will go to my happy place and not dwell on others when they annoy me. It was good for me. I hope to continue that. I think I will have to tell myself every day that I will not  let people bother me or annoy me- I will stay calm and enjoy my day.

I listened to my hypnobirthing CD the other day and it was great. The only problem is Steven doesn’t really like to hear it so I have to do it when Im alone in the car and then I feel like Im falling sleep while driving (which is a very scary feeling lol).

I think its funny. In my heart I have figured out why sometimes it bothers me to hear that others pregnant with their second child … Well one- I should have 2 children here… and 2,  I think I just have figured it out, I want a lot of kids. If we had a stable house I would definitely have like 4 at least but that will be a lot further down the road and I just fear having my kids so far apart and them not being connected (but this is all wayyy in the future, it just hit me though why I think I am upset at other preggos lol).

Steven said he is coming home tonight (instead of tomorrow, YAY) I have only seen him once in 2 weeks and I really miss him. We both cant wait till the ultrasound on Monday.

Only two days left of work this week. ❤

Stay safe rainbow


One response to “Feeling a little more confident

  1. I have the same problem with the CD, hubby doesn’t listen to it so I sneak it in when he is not home and get really annoyed if he comes home early. Sometimes I use the headphones too 🙂
    Stay positive!

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