18 weeks

Today I went to my regular OB (He is great but I feel more comfortable with my specialist OB). No ultrasound but it took the doctor a couple of minutes to find the heartbeat because the baby was punching and kicking and it was feeding back into the monitor so bad. 🙂 The doctor was happy that she is so active and that I am eating healthier. In the last 18 weeks I have only gained 5 pounds which I am very happy about but I feel like I gained 15 and I look like I gained 20 lol. My stomach is sooo big :).

Ugh, I just feel like this is going to be good, everything will be fine and the baby is going to be the center of our worlds :).

Not to smash the happiness I got going but I have to go to work cause were short staffed right now 😦 and I have to work Saturday (yuck!) but at least thats some more hours for some money. (next month is my last payment and my OB will be paid off for this whole pregnancy…. say what?! I actually did it, paid off this pregnancy before the 3rd trimester lol, well- besides the hospital bill that will be seperate).

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