Im finally 20 weeks, half way to the end of this pregnancy!!!!

Its funny how this baby plays with my mind. Sometimes I worry because I dont feel her as strong as I felt Seth and I dont feel movement during the day. Well last night- she kicked from 8pm to 3am. It was so hard to sleep because she just kept turning and moving and kicking. It was a great feeling. Another reason its hard to sleep at night is because Im starting to get bigger and my hips really hurt at night (the body pillow is no help at all). No matter how many times I turn back and forth, I always wake up on my back, Im assuming my mind knows how much pain being on my side is (all that pressure on my hips is a killer). I know Im not supposed to sleep on my back but I do turn as soon as I wake up and notice.

Im so glad Im halfway I never thought I would make it this far and I CANT WAIT till I start seeing the doctor every week in my 3rd trimester, I think between those visits and the holidays and work the time will fly. I cant want to feel at ease when they start keeping closer track of the baby. I get so nervous because right now they only see me once a month and I hate that things are changing and I have no update.

Im very thankful for getting this far, very thankful to have a beautiful girl growing, and VERY thankful that we will have a happy family together in 4 months! Steven and I are so excited, we talk about the baby every day.

I love this!

Stay safe rainbow.

3 responses to “HALF WAY THERE!

  1. Morning exercise makes you to feel comfortable during sleep, which results in healthy pregnancy.

  2. go to a physio! I had hip pain and bad sleeping and it just got worse no matter what I did, finally I went to a physio (who specialised in women) and in 3 sessions she fixed me. I didn’t realise how over tired I was until I finally slept. As the physio said, it is no good putting up with the pain and sleeplessness – it is not a good mind set to go into birth.
    Don’t feel you have to put up with some discomforts just because you should be happy you have a baby. Take care of you!

    ok Ill stop lecturing you now 😉
    and yay! for half way there 🙂

  3. Congrats on 20 weeks! Halfway is awesome! I added a folded thicker blanket on top of my mattress and the extra support helped my hips towards the end of my pregnancy with Ruby. I asked my OB about sleeping today, she said even during surgery they only elevate the left side of the body by 30 degrees or so, so maybe you can put a pillow behind your back and semi-sleep on your back?

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