taking care of momma

Steven went to work this week. As soon as he left I had some anxiety. It has been so long since he left. I just have a terrible fear that something will happen to him while he is away and I am pregnant.  Anyways, I prayed and turned on some praise music and went back to bed.

Today Im going to get my stuff together and go to my momma’s. She is not feeling well with her back problems and I feel so burdened for her. I cannot do much but at least when I get off work (unfortunately its a little late but better late than never) I can make her dinner or something. I know even when I was on my own. momma came over when I caught the flu at the beginning of my last pregnancy and she made me soup and brought me drinks and tucked me in to bed. her and grandma helped me shower and take care of myself after I had the baby. There is no relationship like a mother’s. I hope I do the same for my daughter and she feels the same way.

I have been feeling great. I love this month, this time of year, this family that I have :). Well, I have a long week of work so I better get ready and get my stuff together for Mom’s house.

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