quick post

I only have a few minutes before Im off to school but I thought I would check in and rant for a second.

Alot has been going on.

Seth has been on my mind a lot lately. Mainly because Im starting to realize that our town is so small and I am now finding other women who have experienced stillbirth at the same birthing center that I went to. I feel a lot of hatred toward that birthing center and wish I could put them out of business because she obviously is not giving the proper care for babies since multiple people now share my story from the same facility. It is hard to speak up in the community too because some women are so gung ho for natural waterbirths that they look past the statistics (or are lied to). The midwife actually told me that I was the first stillbirth she had ever had at her business. In the last month I have had several women confront me saying that the same thing happened to  them and they were told the same thing. I just feel bad that the women who do not know our stories are still referring others to this facility. Every chance I see it on facebook, I try to private message people who were referred there and share our stories (women of the community) because it breaks my heart that so many have gone through this and sit in the dark.

^ this really has had me emotional lately but I am trying to move on, I cannot change my past.

off to school… were tested on the brain today (I hate the brain out of all organs ughhh)

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