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Thank Goodness

Things are getting back to normal. I am functioning at normal pregnancy speed (which isnt fast but wayyyy faster than ear infection speed). The infection is still there but my ear is not throbbing and I can eat. Now all I have to do is get my hearing back and get rid of the little bit of soreness and itching– YAY- I dont feel like death anymore!

On another note, today is the day that ALL women have been waiting for. MAGIC MIKE is in theaters TODAY YAYYYYY! Ok, Im showing my youth off (lol) but I first saw Channing Tatum in the movies on my 16th birthday when the girls from church took me to see Step Up… It was LOVE at first sight! lol. Ok, at least on my end. Ever since then I have watched almost every movie that he has ever been in and I LOVE him. I have to admit, hes not the best actor, but hes the hottest one! Sooo… yeah, after work, me + Mike = heaven. Cant wait!

Steven has been in a grumpy mood so Ive been ignoring him lol, thats always fun, but at least it keeps me from getting in a grumpy mood. He’ll come out of it, Im sure he’s stressed. I miss spending time with him but with our work schedules the only time we see each other is when his sleep talk (or mine) wakes each other up at night. sad… He wakes up early and has odd jobs to do (while Im sleeping) and I come home at 11pm and he’s in bed.

I vow to thread my sewing machine today. I wish I had a little hologram that could sit next to me and tell me what to do. Once I thread the machine, I have NO CLUE what to do next ????? It has been 11 years since Ive looked at a sewing machine :(. I WILL conquer this like I did crocheting because I want to make cool things. I think this is a cool and an easy first project and Im excited.

I got the pattern here from pinterest. Its an owl rice pack!

It looks sooo awesome! successfully completing this will help me feel more comfortable doing bigger things. My goal is to make some sundresses for my pregnancy (since they are sooooo friggin expensive). I bought the pattern for the sundresses online, it should be coming through the mail in a few days, heres the dresses that I cant wait to make (the long ones, keep in mind you can change the tops to match whatever bottom length you want)

WOOT. :)…

enough excitement for one day,

OH AND its the weekend!

later gators.

-Stay safe Rainbow