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I am soooo close to vacation! I get one week every four months to have off of school (4 of those days are off of work too!). It cannot come soon enough. I am stressing so bad. The only super … Continue reading

A normal old day

I know I haven’t posted in a while but I havnt felt motivated. Nothing is getting done in my house. Its a mess. Im tired. Im hungry. Im sick all the time. Its kind of crappy to be honest but I cant complain so I wont any further.

I’ve just been feeling blah lately. I would love to go somewhere and do something. I really wish I could have a vacation before the baby comes but that is not going to happen. Its hard making the bills let alone doing anything fun when the boys don’t have any work scheduled.

Its hard, I want to be supportive of my husband going after his dreams and owning his own business but in his type of work its all contracts and subject to be taken away at any moment. Its hard. We cant get our own house or plan our own vacations because we may have money this month and literally nothing to scrape by on next month. I wish he could just go back to working a normal job like the rest of us so we can get our own place for the baby’s sake. Its hard. Its humbling. But I love my husband and I will support his dreams. Till the baby comes- then he knows he has to do something cause I will not be able to work full time anymore because school will be starting for me.

The days have been long and its hard for me to get up out of bed. I work 2pm-10pm and I dont get out of bed till 11. That means I have 2 hours to eat and get ready (nothing else gets done unfortunately) and then my day is shot, it sucks. Im just anxious and I deal with anxiety best by sleeping cause then I dont have to think about it. Plus, Im a little stressed about work. I work with the most crazed dementia man I have ever had to deal with. The sound of his voice makes me want to smack him. All he does is complain for 8 hours straight UGH. He’ll be gone for two weeks on vacation starting next week (Thank God) but one of those weeks no one is there to cover and pregnant fat hungry lady cant do it all without getting cranky so we’ll see how well I handle that.

idk… as you can tell my mood is crappy so Ill get going. Trying to be grateful when things are just a big jumbled mess.

Stay safe rainbow.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Since Ive gotten rid of facebook I just havnt gotten on the computer much anymore, I guess that is a good thing.

This weekend we went to the Awanas Grand Prix , all the kids at church got to race their little cars they made. Steven , I, and my father in law judged the looks of the cars and My father in law and I cooked the burgers and hot dogs on the grill. It was cute.

Today (Sunday) we went to Islands of Adventure. It was fun.

Tonight we watched Undercover Boss (budget blinds). I cried like a baby because the boss got to know this guy who was adorable. He was just a big teddy bear. The man working for the company lost his son (who had 5 grand kids).  He cried like a big baby when the boss gave him $40,000 to remodel his house to better accommodate his family for gatherings in remembrance of his son. I cried like a baby too. It was very touching.

Ive made some cool new crocheted things this week… I think I want to focus on baby props for my etsy store that I hope to open in the future.

Here are the things I made.

^ I made this for a cousins daughter that is due to arrive this month.

^ I made this and am giving it to my sister for her youth camp auction so she can make some money to go, its her last year. Im in the process of making matching booties to go with it :).

so yeah, thats about it.

Its been a good week. Work has been a little stressful but other than that, its been good. School starts on the 30th (physics) ugh lol.


Places I HAVE TO Kayak!

This is a reminder to myself, maybe Ill edit this from time to time if I find more but these places are BEAUTIFUL!!! OH MY WORD, just look at the pictures or google them.Add a custom form

Nearly this whole site I need to kayak

Three Sisters Springs (the water is soooo clear!)

Morrison Springs

Jackson Blue Springs

Alexander Springs

Fanning Springs

Juniper Springs

These are just springs but I do want to find some salt water places too…

Today on the water

Today was my favorite, most exciting, most scariest day of vacation! It was the best I suppose. Steven and I went to a park and set off for our maiden voyage in our new kayaks! It was beautiful, The water was vast, the nature was gorgeous! It was relaxing but soo much fun. I caught a 9 in. bass and 5 in. blue gill! THEN….; *BUM BUM BUM* [dark music]…. We looked around and saw that we were in an alligator nest. Seriously, I picked up my pole and Steven saw an 6ft. alligator swimming across the way. I of course, freaked out and tried to calmly paddle close to him so I wouldnt roll over. I got somewhat close and we spotted another alligator, this time an 8 footer on the bank to where the swimming alligator was headed. Steven hollered for me to get close so I started paddling faster towards him and as I was paddling I saw another one swimming in front of his kayak! I yelled for Steven to look and at that time we both saw the big 8 foot alligator slip into the water and head toward us. PANIC PANIC PANIC. My heart was racing and I was screaming on the inside. Steven Yelled “get over here in the weeds, get to the bank, the bank”. AHHHH… I paddled so hard you would think the alligator was thrashing around me. I was barely to the bank and I JUMPED out of my kayak and ran up the bank. Im sure Steven did the same but did so a little more gracefully. Lets just say I ended our kayking day with that. I was not getting back in that water! So we got like 3 hours of kayaking in and it was soooo nice BESIDES the alligators. We went fishing off another side of the lake from the bank. Steven caught a big gar but that was it.

I am sooo sunburnt but being outside and on the water was beautiful today.

I wish I had a camera, I just took this with my phone so you cant see them but here are where the alligators are in the picture.

We went to Red Lobster and ate WAYYYY to much. buscuites, 2 appetizers (stuffed mushrooms and lobster pizza), salad, and dinner (2 skewers of grille garlic shrimp, mashed potatoes, and pilaf rice).  and guess what, we had NO left overs, we must have worked up our appetites after kayaking with those gators (seriously I think I peed my pants a little when I saw them. )

Anyways, I start school and work tomorrow 😦 but on life goes. i cant wait to kayak again but I dont want to run in to gators Im so terrified :/

anyways… good day 🙂


YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE GOT KAYAKS!!!!!!!!!!!! lol, excited does not even explain. Tomorow Steven and I are taking the kayaks out and fishing – ALL OF MY FAVORITE THINGS wrapped into one activity- kayak fishing WOOT. I hope it goes smoothly. Its my last day of vacation from work and school and back the grind it is next week,

SO EXCITED UGH (about the kayaks, not work lol).

Hopefully Ill remember to take pictures!

Vacation….Re-do please?

Well, we’re back from vacation. Im very very very greatful that we got away but a little disappointed that my only chance for a long time to get away, turned out a little crappy lol.

So Sunday night/Monday steven had some business to take care of, some stressful business but either way we got that all settled. Monday Night we went to do laundry so we could leave Tue. for vacation and the washer broke- that should have been a sign. Good thing Steven is a handyman, he fixed it. Tuesday we left and got to our hotel. It was dusty and gross and the Jacuzzi was colder than the pool which sucked cause we wanted to relax in the water but it was too cold out.  Wed and Thur we went to Universal/Islands of Adventure.  Wed. it rained (of course). Thursday was nice but the water rides chaffed my legs up to the max (ugh PAIN). Today (Fri) we were set to head to another town to maybe go to a spring or something and our dog feeder told us at the last minute :oh, Im deciding to go on vacation while your on vacation…. ok, UGH…nothing like last minute. So we had to head home 2.5 days early from vacation. I was a little more than mad because this is my last chance to relax for a long time and of course everyone else gets to enjoy their time off but not Hollie, no way, she should not get all her time to do something she wants to do…. So we come home and someone jacked up our boat trailer so we cant take the boat out tomorrow. There was a jury summons waiting for me in the mail. And of course now were stuck at home for the weekend with no plans because our vacation was cut short. 😦 ….*sigh* Im just stressed. I want some me time. I want to be selfish for once and do stuff JUST FOR ME and not think about anyone else… is that too much to ask for? Out of my 8 days off work I got to get away for 2 and one of those days it was raining so…fun…

Anyways, our xbox games came in the mail while we were gone (YAY) but Steven is hogging the system up with 1 player games so I guess Ill have to wait to play my games later. I got Kinect raving rabbids (YAY) and Kinect Dance central and Call of Duty 4 modern warfare (idk why steven dosnt like that one)… I think im most excited about raving rabbids, that thing is FUN :). Im praying MAYBE we’ll get to go fishing tomorrow, Steven dosnt like to take me 😦 but I really want to, OR, it would be nice to take the dogs to the dog beach, AIDA loves the dog beach and the water. Last time we were there though there was a shark in the water and it was quite scary cause she was just a puppy and I was freaking out trying to get her back on the land.

So… Lets call it a weekend and just relax before work and school start on Monday, yuck.