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Medical update again

Renal MRA

So… Here is the deal. Since Seth passed away I have been seeing a doctor. It started out as a preconception visit and has turned into this giant medical fiasco. First we did blood work and a kidney urine test and I was diagnosed with hypertension. My liver enzymes were too high and the kidney test wasnt handled right by the lab so I had to repeat it. The doctor said I should not have hypertension with my age and weight so he needed a duplex renal artery ultrasound. I had an appointment scheduled for Monday to go over my ultrasound (its already done), new set of bloodwork, and kidney screen BUT the doctors office called me yesterday and said- The radiologist and Doctor said you need to get a MRA of your renal arteries as soon as you can, tell registration they need to rule out fibromuscular hyperplasia.

WHAAAA???? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???? So I had the MRA today. It is just like an MRI. They started an IV, flushed it with Saline (gross taste and smell), put this giant board on my stomach, slid me into this awfully close-quarters machine that made LOUD noises. and the nurse told me when to stop breathing for 12-20 seconds at a time. I kept my eyes closed the whole time except for once and when I opened them I started to freak out so… I closed them and tried very very hard to control my breathing. The lady told me when she was shooting the contrast into my IV, it was a metal called gadolinium. It had a little taste and gave me a slight headache for a few seconds but it was not bad at all. When it was all over, The lady helped me up and was all EXTRA nice to me, it kind of freaked me out…

Now its waiting time. The worst time EVER. UGH, I hate waiting. Im glad my doctor is totally on top of things but who would have thought that my kidneys would be messing up this early in the game. I see the Doctor Thursday and Im going to call medical records on Tuesday to make sure that the MRA was read so that Im not wasting a visit at the doctor. (this is getting EXPENSIVE). I guess He will go over with me my new lab draw of enzymes and kidney tests…

Wish me luck, it’s a little scary.


Doctor update

I should not freak myself out but… I went to the Doctor’s yesterday. He said my thyroid was fine and my clotting factors were fine- but my liver enzymes were elevated, enough that he is concerned and wants me to have some tests done. Hes ordering another kidney test, some further liver tests, an echo cardiogram,EKG, and a duplex renal ultrasound. I think hes worried that it may be something with my kidneys, but I am terrified that something is wrong with my liver. I forgot to tell him that Ive been itching like crazy cause for a period of time it was gone and the last few days its picked up again. so anyways, in like 2 weeks Im gonna see him again but from what I think, itching and liver go together and I dont think it sounds good. Its so stressful, Im 20 and I dont drink or smoke or do any of that junk! He said my blood pressure was still high enough to be concerned about so he put me on some blood pressure medicine which he said hes not happy about because its not normal for a 20 year old thin woman to be on it.

Oh my word it just freaks me out. Its a good thing I I work in the EKG dept cause Ill just do my own EKG and Ill get one of the girls from next door in echo to do my echo. and my renal scan is scheduled for Monday…

UGH, I thought the blood work would be a sigh of relief but it just led to more tests and I just want to cry thinking about it.