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High blood pressure and so close to the end

I can tell that the end of this pregnancy is drawing near. These symotoms that I have been having were the last things I felt before I gave birth to Seth.

– hard time sleeping, every joint aches (mostly hands and shoulders), when I walk I can feel my hips pop in and out (I literally feel them growing outwards), high blood pressure, lots of potty time, all day headaches, and severe nightly heartburn. *Phew, did that cover everything?

It does not bother me as much this time around because I know that it is normal and I know that I dont have to deal with it much longer.  Except, … the blood pressure issue. Who knows why I have such high blood pressure, no one can figure it out. I am (normally) a normal weight, young, non-smoking, lots of walking -girl. They have done kidney scans, urine tests, protein tests, heart tests… nothing shows up. I switched from an automatic wrist cuff to a manual blood pressure cuff and there is a dramatic difference. The automatic cuff was not getting a proper reading. Last night when I checked it, I had just been sitting on the couch for about an hour doing nothing and it was 180/100 !???? Then, I waited a few minutes and asked Steven to take it to make sure I wasnt being crazy and it was 170/90!? Thats just scary. If my bp is that high when Im just sitting here, Im sure that it will be very high in delivery and I dont want to have to do a c-section only because its obviously scary. I can almost guarantee that they will put me back on procardia to lower my bp so I dont get pre-eclampsia or have a stroke or something. Im just so scared. After hearing that Seth probably died from a medicine that the last midwife gave me- I am TERRIFIED to take ANYTHING!

So anyways, as my headaches incur, I will try not to think about my blood pressure, moving, or anything for that matter because I am sooo close to the end and I will not let anyone screw this up!

Gonna try to take my pressure again, sleep this headache away, and wait for a phone call from my husband on whether or not we can move some small things over like pots and pans today to the new house.

Brea’s 4D ultrasound

I thought I would be less anxious at this point because now I have an appointment every week and in 2 weeks I will have an appointment 2 times a week with my doctor. Truth is, I am extremely nervous. My arm is on fire today and Im sure that it’s just nerves.

I dont know why I would be nervous, I did this once, I can do it again. I guess Im just realizing that Brea is getting big. She is now 3 lbs. We did our 4D ultrasound and I just cant believe that our little girl is all grown up.

This is happening, we are having a healthy baby girl… Im pretty scared lol. I just want her to be here. I want to love on her and spoil her and have her all to myself.

Gotta get going for work but Ill leave you with my favorite pictures and videos from the ultrasound.

18 weeks

Today I went to my regular OB (He is great but I feel more comfortable with my specialist OB). No ultrasound but it took the doctor a couple of minutes to find the heartbeat because the baby was punching and kicking and it was feeding back into the monitor so bad. 🙂 The doctor was happy that she is so active and that I am eating healthier. In the last 18 weeks I have only gained 5 pounds which I am very happy about but I feel like I gained 15 and I look like I gained 20 lol. My stomach is sooo big :).

Ugh, I just feel like this is going to be good, everything will be fine and the baby is going to be the center of our worlds :).

Not to smash the happiness I got going but I have to go to work cause were short staffed right now 😦 and I have to work Saturday (yuck!) but at least thats some more hours for some money. (next month is my last payment and my OB will be paid off for this whole pregnancy…. say what?! I actually did it, paid off this pregnancy before the 3rd trimester lol, well- besides the hospital bill that will be seperate).

11 weeks today

It is a very rough day. I have been throwing up every morning since last Sunday. I have definitely gotten more sick with this pregnancy than the last one now that Im getting further along. I am 11 weeks today and as sick as a dog and I do NOT want to go to work today I just feel weak and sick, like Im gonna throw up all night.

anyways, with all of this sickness, I have a baby that I am so thankful for that it brings me to tears. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and he did another ultrasound.

At 10 weeks and 5 days my baby looks like a baby now. I just feel like it is a he, I have no doubts but who knows. Lets call him a he for now lol.

He was kicking and punching and rolling like crazy! The doctor even talked in a baby voice and said “look at that healthy baby!” lol. The heart rate was 158. I was so excited I forgot about throwing up that morning, (and every morning before that) and I just cooed over my baby. Im so thankful.

I go to see the specialist at Maternal Fetal Medicine on Tuesday, Ill be 2 days shy of 12 weeks. Im almost sure they’ll do an ultrasound and do some more testing. I get to see the same doctor who checked me for my pre-conception visit and did all my kidney and liver testing.

Anyways, I have to go prepare myself for work. I hope its an easy night.

Stay safe rainbow.

Sigh of relief

Today was my first ultrasound, from what I remember my LMP was 4-6-12. So I thought I was 7 weeks and 6 days. Well, I was pretty dern close! The baby measured 7 weeks and 5 days. YAY. The doctor started the ultrasound (the early ones are always akward, especially when you have a man doctor), and for a second I took some deep breaths because I was so scared. He said well…. theres the flicker? You see the flicker? This is a good pregnancy, its going to work! … Oh my word, relief is all I can say. A big burden lifted. I felt like an idiot because I needed to relax my legs after he said that cause I was all tensed up and started having back spasms so my legs started to shake like jello and he asked if I was ok lol…. *awkward*.

The heart beat was 167, the baby still looked like an alien of course cause its so early but Im so happy to hear that this is good, everything is fine, the baby is growing perfectly. Thank Jesus.

We were surprised there wasnt two, I just felt like we could have had twins, but Im happy with one healthy baby!

Baby rainbow is due on 1-12-13 and I cant wait till he makes his debut!!!

Time is going by fast thank God.

I get another ultrasound in two and a half weeks. The doctor said he’ll have another extensive ultrasound at the high risk doctor done for me when I hit around 17 weeks and then I can know the gender. He said in the third trimester I will have to wear a monitor so they can monitor the baby’s movement and heart rate which is fine by me! that actually makes me feel so much better. He also said in the third trimester I will have a visit every other week between him and the high risk doctors at Maternal Fetal Medicine so I can be monitored. Woot.

The doctor is so nice, Im glad.

Oh, and Steven made it! That was nice. Except, … they are out of work, the contractors took the contract away that they were working on so…

yeah… a lot ahead of us, one day at a time.

Stay safe rainbow.