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Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom! Today was my mom’s wonderful birthday! Thank you for all you do. You are beautiful and deserving. You have always worked so hard to provide and do well for Courtney and I.

So today I went to employee health to get this itching checked out. All the ARNP did was give me a a steroid. I told her Its not a rash, I have no rash, just severe itching. She didnt care she said theres nothing she can really do for me… WHAT DO YOU MEAN? thats why your supposed to be here, UGH. sooo… I was really upset. I got this lotion

I hope it helps because I dont want to take the steroids because I doubt that they will help.

I feel like its anxiety I wish I could fix it.

So… then I go to the maternity ward to see if my pictures came in since I was already in the area. Of course they wernt in. I went to my moms house and an hour later they call and say that the pictures (of the baby) came in (OF COURSE)… ugh I was so mad. So I went to pick them up. They took one picture and gave me some multiples.

Steven put together my rocking chair.

Its beautiful. I will definitley use it.

well… Im tired and feeling anxious… idk. Tomorrow the furniture comes in so I should go to bed so I can wake up and clean tomorrow.