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Day 6- operation lose that jiggle

So… today we did KempoX (kickboxing)…. wow that was some extreme cardio, my head is still throbbing from when we finished an hour ago, I thought I literally was gonna have a stroke I could feel my heart pounding lol, WOW Im out of shape. So… I havnt weighed myself yet, dont really feel the need, its only been 6 days, but I SLOWLY do not feel as sore as when I started and I SLOWLY feel less bloated. Im really hoping results start coming, Im already just feeling good about myself because I know Im doing the right thing.

Tonight my husband and I are going to eat at my mommas house. Its my grandmas birthday and shes cooking and inviting her boyfriend and us over so that will be nice to see my family. I dont get to see them often since I got married and of course I miss my mom and sister to death.

I finished my Anatomy class today (even though this was the second time taking it lol) I think I did ok. Im really hopeing for an A but idk if that will happen cause I had a 90 last week so Ill probably get a B :(. So anyways, now that Im all done, I have a WHOLE MONTH OFF SCHOOL WOOT!!!! We are still hoping for the vacation for me to go see snow for the first time around Feb. 18th. CANT WAIT!!!!

I want to get a TON of crocheting done since I have no school I REALLY hope I can.

We got all of our W2’s now we have to go file our taxes. Im debating, I dont know what to do. When we first started the company Steven wasnt taking out enough so we dont know if we will owe from that period of time that he didnt know that he wasnt having enough coming out so should we file before vacation and MAYBE get some money back, or file after vacation incase we have to pay so we dont jip ourselves of a good time? lol, its hard to think about.

Anyways, thats whats been goin on, gonna get myself together for dinner tonight and do some crocheting.


Weight loss- day two

OK, day two of exercising….

last night we (mother in law and I) did chest, back and abs for P90X.

Tonight is Plyometrics. I woke up this morning and did 30 minutes on the elliptical with a heart rate of like 170 for most of the time. Man I feel beat up still from last night. I cant wait to start dropping the pounds. Now that Im on the wagon (I hope I dont fall off), Im thinking of all the great benefits exercising will have. Better health, future baby, attracted husband (lol), and good self esteem. So, go weight, go :).

So I have today off work. Not every day will I be able to do the extra cardio but when I can I will.

Todays list:

Get myself looking decent for public (lol), pay rent,phone,some med bills, pick up vitamins and folic acid, (dont forget to pee in my container for my kidney test), dishes, homework, crochet. I should make dinner somewhere in there but I doubt I will, I hate cooking, I dont know how we eat honestly.

So, guess I got a lot to do, going to start.

Later today:

Went and got my vitamins. The doctor said he dosnt care what vitamins they are, even if they are flinstones thats ok so… I got sour flinstone gummies!!! AND they taste good!!! Got some folic acid and ate the sandwich for lunch and will eat the salad for dinner if my husband dosnt first 🙂

I painted my nails too 🙂

good day :)…

OH and this is random but I need to show you pictures of the other day, we went on the boat, FUN!

Ugh, I love my aida baby, she is soooo cute! lol. Wish I knew how to upload videos, I have some funny ones. So if you know how to feel free to leave step by step instructions lol. 


Went to the Dr.

They were so nice Im very happy that everyone in the office took time to talk to me.

The doctor said to start with, I need to

1. loose 20 lbs. (ugh that sounds so hard, I dont even know what to do)

2. do cardio exercise every day

3. take a vitamin and 1mg of folic acid

4. keep track of my blood pressure.

He said Im too young to be having high blood pressure like I’ve had. He thinks I might have kidney problems like renal stenosis and/or thyroid problems so I have to go get a bunch of blood taken and pee in a bucket for a day (and keep in in an ice bucket) so he can look at all the labs. Im honestly terrified that the results will come back with something scary.

We discussed basically getting in shape, my weird problems, and stevens heart problem. The doctor was concerned about his bicuspid aortic valve and told me that he needs to see a cardiologist since he has not been seeing a doctor.

So anyways, I go back on valentines day for my  next appt.

In other news, we were supposed to go on vacation and now…. well now we have all of these unexpected bills from a problem that my husband ran into and i dont think well have money to go now… UGH SO ANGRY. I WANT TO GET AWAY. I just want to cry cause I cant stand it, I need a break. We havnt gone on vacation since our honeymoon almost 2 years ago, and all we did then was take 3 days off and go fishing.

so … thats it for today. I have tomorrow off. I need to crochet, do schoolwork, lose weight, and chillax  cause I feel like Im gonna pass out from all this junk.




Ok, its 10 PM… I did my first day of P90X to lose some weight, it was a work out of 1hr. and 15 min. Worked on Chest, back, and abs…. BUT my whole body feels like its going to snap in half lol… WOW I did not realize how NOT in shape I was. This is going to be hard but I have to lose the weight so here it goes. Glad I got through the first of 90 days of pure craziness!