Vacation is soo close!

I am soooo close to vacation! I get one week every four months to have off of school (4 of those days are off of work too!). It cannot come soon enough. I am stressing so bad. The only super depressing thing is that Brea can’t come with us and I am scared to leave her… I actually am having really bad anxiety about it tonight. I know that she will be fine but I will miss her.

Tomorrow is my weekly scan test and thursday is our final scan test and Friday is my final for my last class of my freshman “year”…. Im dreading tomorrows scan test cause it is on veins and arteries (I have no interest in working in vascular… at all). I am super slow at it, confused by it, and dont have a strong arm to stay on the vessels long enough. But- it has to be done so I will do it… hopefully I will pass lol.

I honestly am just excited to sleep a little bit once this crazy week is over. I am so sleep deprived that I have been acting odd lol.

Nothing too exciting has been going on except I miss spending time with my family. Cant wait to graduate…. 1 more year.

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